This is the story of how a simple chat at the office coffee machine sparked some simple New Year's resolutions which turned into lifelong habits, eventually leading to the start of our own company – Club Sapience. What a ride it’s been.

Disclaimer: We don’t advocate for drastic changes merely because it's the start of a new year. If you want to improve or change something, start right away. However, the sense of starting fresh on January 1st can provide that extra push. And that's precisely what happened here.

Why did we need it?

After years of relentless effort and climbing the corporate ladder, we finally landed what we believed was our dream job. From day one, it was obvious that this was a different league of business, and stepping up our game was essential for success

As we’ve often had to do in our jobs, we made a plan of action and executed. The plan was simple: Research ways to increase our energy and focus.

Discovery of functional mushrooms

Following a tip from an old Chinese housemate about a mushroom (Lion's Mane) that had been taken for thousands of years in their culture for health purposes, our interest piqued.

After some investigation, we discovered more powerful mushrooms which could address numerous western health and wellness related concerns. Now we were more than interested, we were hooked.

So, January 1 2023, we began approaching life with the same determination and commitment as a professional athlete would, striving for optimal performance beyond workouts, sleep, and nutrition. This included quality supplements, protocols, and learning the gift of vitamin N. ‘The art of saying no..'

Two weeks had passed when the first subtle effects started to become noticeable:
- It enhanced our ability to stay sharp in long meetings
- We were able to process information faster
- And we remembered things more clearly

Surprisingly, it wasn’t just us who noticed the benefits, but our colleagues and friends also began to observe a change.

With positive feedback pouring in, combined with the potential of the product and our new passion, we felt compelled to take the next step. It seemed like journey we simply couldn't resist exploring

The birth of Club Sapience

After months of research and diving into the world of functional mushrooms and adaptogens, we established a good idea in terms of what affects the quality of mushroom such as the basis it is grown on (fruiting body, mycelium, bark), How the extraction method influences the amount of active compounds in the final product and the list goes on.

We found a company that could help us with the sourcing and processing of this fine product, which led to the formulation of our first supplement. After several iterations, we felt we had come up with a product that would suit our quality demands, was fast acting enough and tasteless.

Now, it seemed like a dream we had to pursue. Taking a leap of faith, we fully committed ourselves to starting our own company.

So, here we are! This is how our New Year's resolutions turned into Club Sapience.

The everyday athlete mindset

At Club Sapience we aim to inspire lifestyles and mindsets. And thus, we’re the first to say ‘this capsule doesn't’ fix you’, ‘this capsule doesn't change your life’. It’s a supplement - meaning, it should complement your Everyday Athlete lifestyle.

We creating a club with like minded people who enjoy being able to pursue their dreams as an athlete would. And therefore our products mean more to our customers and us than mere transactions; this is what sets us apart from other brands.