Our Commitment to Nature's Power

We offer a unique selection of nature's most powerful herbs and functional mushrooms. Every product we offer is organic and sourced from the purest and most nutrient-rich environments.

Why choose our products?

Unparalleled safety and potency! Our commitment is to use only 100% wood-grown, full fruiting mushroom bodies, excluding any mycelium, grain, fillers, or carriers. This guarantees unparalleled safety, potency, and the highest recorded levels of bioavailable compounds.

Full spectrum approach. We employ a full-spectrum approach, utilizing a water/alcohol-based dual extraction technique for optimal bioavailability. This ensures that you receive the full range of bioactive compounds in our products.

Extraction process

  • Comprehensive Extraction:

    Mushrooms contain both water-soluble and alcohol-soluble compounds. Our double extraction ensures that you're obtaining a full spectrum of these compounds, combining the best of both worlds in a top-tier product.

  • Optimal Bioavailability:

    By using both water and alcohol, the extracted compounds are more readily absorbed and utilized by the human body, ensuring optimal bioavailability.

  • Maximized Potency:

    A double extraction maximizes the medicinal potential of the mushroom by capturing both alcohol-soluble compounds like triterpenes and water-soluble compounds like polysaccharides (including beta-glucans).

  • Versatility:

    The double extraction method is versatile and can be adapted based on the specific mushroom being used, ensuring the best possible yield of its beneficial compounds.


The contents of our supplements are all tested and verified by independent labs and the results consistently show that they are amongst the highest recorded bio-active compounds out there.

Please find the certificates of analysis here